Even cloud based websites have files that can be infected.

That's right. Even if your website is "in the cloud", your files exist somewhere on a server. The cloud does not equal security on it's own.

If your website has files - and they all do, then they are susceptible to hackers infecting them.

We can implement our technology on your cloud based website as well.

We can install our technology on your servers.

More and more people are moving their websites to either a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or a dedicated server to help them with performance issues, costs and other benefits.

We decided to help you by taking our methods, technology and strategy and creating programs that run on your VPS or dedicated server.

Our software "hooks" into your files and instantly detects any file that is added or changed. When a file is added or changed, it is immediately scanned by our scanner and any malware is immediately removed. That's right - automatic, immediate website malware removal!

That in itself will help you tremendously, however, that's not where it ends.

If malware is discovered on your VPS or dedicated server, our system polls the operating system to determine what process changed the file, then grabs the log files and performs an automatic root cause analysis.

Was your website infected via FTP? Our system will send you an email, and us as well, stating:

  • Which FTP user was used to upload the malicious file
  • Where the file was uploaded from (IP address and country)
  • What action should be taken

If your website was infected through some vulnerable form on your site, you'll be notified of which form.

Automatic, immediate malware removal - with full root cause analysis. Could this be the end of website malware?

This software communicates with our servers constantly. This makes every installation a remote node in our world wide network of sensors.

As new website malware is detected at any server in our worldwide network, that same malware is quickly identifiable at all of the nodes. As our network of installations grows, our system becomes stronger and stronger.

Would you like to become part of the solution geared toward eliminating website malware world wide?

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  • Let us become your website security department
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We micro-manage the security of your VPS and dedicated servers. We become your website security department.