Principal Worker

I work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, processing work requests. I like this because it makes my face light up. While I have many cores I do not have multiple personalities. While I have a great memory, it is not good at long term memorization.

My memory is mostly good at remembering a lot of things for short periods of time. Then I'm tasked with remembering other things - and so forth. When I'm given a set of instructions, I carry them out with great detail and very quickly.

Being the Principal Worker means that I have a team working with me. If we get overloaded, due to more customers, I can add staff quickly and efficiently without skipping a step. Due to having all our work coordinated by Sarah, we can get each and every task completed, recorded and wait in ready anticipation of the next job.

I like dark, very cool rooms. That's where I work best.


Lead Female

As one of the few women here, it's my responsibility to make certain that Max gets his work done. I am the coordinator of all the jobs going on simultaneously.

If things don't go my way - people will hear about it. I start notifying everyone in the company letting them know that I'm not happy.

I have 5 years of experience with coordinating tasks in a high-speed environment and have worked on some extremely large-scale projects - all without failing. Due to the way I am, I can handle coordinating more and more tasks. I have an assistant who takes over for me should I need some time off, you know, like for lunch, or to get my nails done. Things like that.

I like working hard, but I also like being pampered.


Primary Security Researcher

My job is never ending. As you can imagine, hackers are always thinking of new ways to infect websites. My job is to keep up with what the hackers are doing.

This involves, monitoring our vast network of honey pots. These honey pots are websites that we use to record how the hackers work, what they do and from where. Our honey pots have various versions of standard software packages installed on them: WordPress, Joomla, Simple Machines, osCommerce, Zen Cart, as well as many, many others.

These honey pots look like unprotected sites so they become attack targets by hackers. What they don't know is that everything they use to attack these sites is being recorded. This enables us to keep up with their activities.

Other responsibilities of mine include using some bogus accounts in the hacker community so I can listen in on what they're discusssing. Often times we hear about new exploits. I gather more information and then test those exploits against our current protection strategy and suggest any changes that may be necessary to keep our customer's websites safe.


Malware Analyzer

I write the rules that positively identify malicious code. I take input from "Bugs" and implement that information into our processes.

Some of these rules are implemented as broad-based signature rules, others are added to our behavior analysis or anomaly based engines. Either way they are always tested against our corpus of over 400,000 different infectious/infected files. This ensures our accuracy.

You realize how busy I am when you know that I've analyzed all the infected files from over 200,000 infected websites. This is to bring the fastest, most accurate website malware removal service to you. This does not come easily, but we do make it affordable.

My mindset is great at recognizing patterns. That's been my "calling" in life - and I'm good at it! This allows me to quickly spot trends in the hacker attacks and quickly create strategies that will identify and block these attacks.


Log analyzer

My nickname has nothing to do with my physical attributes as much as my occupation. Due to the fact that I analyze log files, they thought it would be funny to use a famous lumberjack (logs) as the basis for my nickname: Paul Bunyan.

I am responsible for all of the log file analysis for our customer's websites. We track all the IP addresses, attack traffic and normal, good traffic as well. This helps me determine the difference between good traffic and malicious traffic.

Often times hackers use compromised websites or webservers to attack other sites and servers. By analyzing all the log files we're able to report these IP addresses to the people responsible for them thus taking off the "market" for hackers. While this step won't make the Internet safe for everyone, it does assist us in that direction.

"The Accountant"


Ever see the movie "The Untouchables"? In that movie there is a guy who they named "The Accountant". He's responsible for all the books. However, that's where the similarities end.

My duties include month-end balancing, making certain our PayPal invoices get paid and other essential, but not very fun tasks.

You'll probably never have direct contact with me, but don't worry, I'm working. We need to keep our costs inline so we can continue to offer our service at the lowest price possible. That saves you money.



I started this company in 2007 to help the many people online in the forums who were having trouble removing website malware.

In the beginning I was cleaning them manually and charging $99 per website. As I got busier I felt bad that I couldn't help more people. Not because I wanted to increase my income, but because there were so many people that still needed help.

I would clean websites during the day and at night and weekends I researched various ways to automate the process so I could lower my prices and help more people. Our service today is the result of all the research, trial and error and focused thoughts of the early days.

Being a technology guy, I still focus most of my efforts on how to make our service better and either keep our prices where they're at or lower. That's just the way I am.