Website security and prevention must include website file integrity monitoring!

Every change to your website files is closely examined by our systems. If malicious - it's automatically cleaned and we begin our root cause analysis.

Our methods

File integrity monitoring involves checking your raw website files on a consistent basis - but, first, your files have to be scanned to be certain there isn't any hidden infectious code anywhere. It starts with KNOWING your files are clean.

When you start with that knowledge, it's relatively easy to verify any changes to your site - files modified, files or folders added, are either malicious or infectious. Each change to any file or folder is then processed by our complete system.

If any malicious or infectious code is found, it's immediately removed.

Obviously for a website file integrity monitoring service to be effective, it must be able to positively identify malicious and infectious code. No false positives, no "oopsies" (missed malicious code).

That's where our detection engine really shines. Our detection engine is written in compiled C++ code and it's optimized to be incredibly fast - and accurate. No human intervention is required to find all the malicious code and remove it.

Our website file integrity monitoring service would be fantastic if it only monitored your files and automatically removed any malicious or infectious code. However, without knowing how it happened, you're only half way to having a safe AND secured website.

Whenever malicious or infectious code is found in your website files, after removing the malware, our system goes into root cause analysis - how it happened. Without knowing that, it's impossible to stop it from happening again and again.

Depending on your hosting provider, our system will analyze the log files. Armed with the files that changed and the activity recorded in the log files, it's easy for our system to determine how it happened. Then we know what to do to prevent from happening again.

Knowing where the attack originated from gives us the opportunity to notify the responsible hosting provider so they can take corrective actions and shut down the attacking server until it's been disinfected.