Someone offering logins for sale:

HELLO EVERY CUSTOMERS *****===========================**** —== I AM A BIG SELLER AND HAS BEEN HACKER —==* I WORK PRESTIGE. PROFESSIONAL —==* I PROMISE STUFF OF ME VERY GOOD AND FRESH ALL WITH GOOD PRICE —==** I SURE YOU WILL HAPPY IF BUSINESS WITH ME —==*** I WILL CHANGE IF STUFF NOT GOOD OR DONT WORK —==**** IF YOU BUY MANY I WILL DISCOUNT FOR YOU —==***** WHO NEED CONTACT FOR ME THROUGH: —===YAHOO ID: (blanked out) —===MAIL: (blanked out) —===MAIL: (blanked out) —===ICQ: (blanked out) =====— I'M SELLER FOR: CC, CVV US,UK,CA, EURO,AU, Italian,Japan,France,…all cc ! =====— CC fullZ info, CC DOB…for All ! *** DEMO: US FULLZ ****

The above "seller" was also offering PayPal logins and other such illegal activity.

The following was a screen shot from another forum. Take note of the fees charged for accounts with relatively large balances.

======BANK LOGINS==========. - Bank BOA Us : 1 . Balance 7000$ = 300$ 2 . Balance 14000$ = 500$ 3 . Balance 18000$ = 800$ - Bank HSBC US : 1 . Balance 12000$ = 400$ 2 . Balance 28000$ = 1000$ - Bank HSBC UK : 1 . Balance 8000 GBP = 300$ 2 . Balance 17000 GBP = 700$

There is even "honor" amongst these thieves:

escrow service for hackers

That's right! They even have escrow services so the cyber criminals don't get ripped off. Can you see how organized they are?

How do they do it?

The hackers know how to evade detection of many anti-virus programs - if even only for a day.

There is a site: that allows people to upload files and test that file against 50 different anti-virus programs. This enables people like us to determine how up-to-date some of these anti-malware programs are.

Here's a screen shot of a password stealing trojan tested on

As you see, only 39 out of 50 anti-virus programs detected this particular password stealing trojan as being malicious.

It's not critical that you see if your program detects this as the hackers can easily "re-pack" it and it could "fly under the radar" of all anti-virus programs for a day or two.

What is critical is that this file was a password stealing trojan. What does it steal?

It steals the login URL, username and password as you type it in on your computer.

The above screen capture shows someone advertising the Vulcan Logger. To most people the acronym FUD, means: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. To people in the world of cyber crime it means: Fully Un Detectable.

The 0/37 means that they tested it on the hacker's version of Virus Total and it was fully undetectable by 37 different anti-virus programs.

The hacker's version of Virus Total offers a service. If you're a hacker, you can submit your virus to this service and it will check your virus against their database of anti-virus scanners once every 30 minutes and notify you as soon as any of them detect your virus as malicious.

Can you now see how organized they are?

You can now understand how important it is for them to infect your website so they can infect visitors to your site and begin to make money. Lots and lots of money.

If you have any questions about the use of password stealing trojans by cyber criminals, please feel free to send us an email via our contact page